Special Dark

You are patient, thoughtful, individualist,  and a problem solver. You likes to see a project through from start to finish. You would be good at grant writing.  You work well with difficult people, and you are insightful, and reflective. You have little patience with incompetence or liars. You set high standards for yourself and others. You are dependable, resourceful and loyal.

Mr. Goodbar

You are analytical and logical. You gather data first before giving an opinion, play the devil’s advocate at meetings, tend to see all the possibilities and drive people crazy by sharing all the “what ifs”.  You hate deadlines, put off starting things – in other words, you are a procrastinator. You like to be the expert but in your own time.  You can analyze things to death.  You like rules and want everyone to follow them. You like structure and hate surprises.


You are creative, optimistic, and you always see the cup ½ full.  YOu are messy (messy desk) but organized (you know where everything is).  You are a hands-on person; a little off-beat, funny, friendly and outgoing, and always willing to help.  You like the surprising things in life, the “crackle”.  You like situations that allow flexibility, change and growth.

Milk Chocolate

You are an all American, who loves baseball, Mom and apple pie.  You are a cheerleader for your program. You are level headed,  a good PR person,  and a great fundraiser.  You are kind, thoughtful, playful and you always remember everyone’s birthday. You are nurturing, kind, dependable and loyal.  You help others to “shine.”  Others often turn to you for help.